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Accessibility Statement

We are committed to making the NICORETTE®website accessible to everyone and have taken the following steps to ensure this is the case:


The site has been coded to allow you to resize the text to suit your preference. You can do this using your browsers' standard text control options which vary between browsers but are typically found in the 'View' menu, sometimes in a sub-menu titled 'Text size' or 'Text zoom'.


Access keys allow you to navigate the site using your keyboard and are supported by most browsers, if you are using Windows you would hold down the ALT key and press an access key, on a Macintosh you would hold down the CONTROL key and press an access key. The access keys we have defined for the site are as follows:

H – Go to the NICORETTE® Homepage
1 – Go to Successful Quitting
2 – Go to the NICORETTE® Product Range
4 – Go to the Cut Down to Stop
6 – Go to Privacy Policy
7 – Go to Legal Notice
8 – Contact Us
9 – Site Map
A – Go to the Accessibility Statement

C – Go to the main content
N – Go to the primary navigation

We also make use of a tab index to ensure that 'tabbing' through links on the page (by pressing the 'Tab' key repeatedly) flows in a logical sequence to match the layout principles of the page.


A link at the start of every page allows you to skip the navigation and jump directly to the main content of the page. This is hidden from view normally and is intended for screen reader users however Access Key 'C' will work for all users.


Our pages use structured headers to aid legibility. The first header on the page is the main content header followed by any sub-headers, then by headers for key navigational elements of the page. This aids users of certain screenreaders and speech browsers - for instance: JAWS users can type INSERT+F6 to hear all the headers on the page, or CTRL+INSERT+ENTER to quickly navigate through the page by skipping to the next header


We restrict the use of tables to the display of tabular data. For users of screenreaders and speech browsers we associate headers with their respective rows and columns to clarify how the information is to be interpreted.


Forms have labels which are explicitly associated with their controls, aiding users of certain screenreaders and speech browsers. We also use Fieldsets and Legends for maximum clarity.


All images have alt and title attributes to explain what is being displayed to users of non-visual browsers. Hyperlinks also have a title attribute to inform the user of what the link destination is


The site is coded to conform to the W3C Web Content Accessibility guidelines and the US Federal Government Section 508 Guidelines. Mark-up will validate as compliant XHTML 1.1 and CSS 1.0

Last revision: October 2006.